Just backed Super Awesome Sylvia’s WaterColorBot project over at Kickstarter. I’m so excited. Can’t wait to play with this thing.


New office

I’m setting up a new work space here in Hong Kong. Now that I can get away from the kids I should be able to get a lot more work done.


Major website overhaul

Just finished converting all of my old art gallery posts over to the new image format. It was a lot of work as I had to replace all the artwork with higher resolution images. In addition I also transitioned all of my video links over from Vimeo to YouTube. The site should now be in ship-shape and function better.



Still updating

I’ve done a lot of work on the site these last few nights but still have ways to go. You should now see a rough version of what’s to come. I’m working to update all the pages and my portfolio at the moment. Thanks you for your patience.


Wiley and Rudie

The boys

Silas and the twins, Wiley and Rudie

I have been very productive the last few weeks but haven’t had a chance to post about all of my new creations. There are a couple paintings and Zbrush sculpts I’ll post about shortly but my most notable project as of late, and the one which has kept me working late into the night, has been the birth of my two new sons Wiley and Rudie Sheehy! The twins have all of their fingers and toes and are as cute as a button so my wife and I couldn’t be happier.

With a little help from my friends

Wet Ink

Some of you might have noticed that the site was down for a few weeks. Well sorry about that but I was attempting to move it over to a new server and things didn’t go a smoothly as planned, in fact I had to make a retreat and head back to my original host. No surprise here, but this site is held together by ducktape and prayers and when I tried to move over to my new host everything fell apart. I have jerry-rigged so many elements of the site the move became impossible. I will have to fix a lot of code before I can attempt it again.

Major thanks to my good friend Sam McMullen for all of his help and patience in moving things around the last few weeks. Sam has been helping me to beef up the site and has introduced me to a tidal wave on new tools and resources. Thanks to him this site is going to be screaming fast. Thanks buddy!

Reorganizing the Library

Wet Ink

The site has built up enough posts that it is now time for me to reorganize all of the information into an order that makes sense. Things may get a little bent out of shape here for the next day or two until I am finished.

Little iPhone pop-up bubble

Wet Ink

Just added a swell iPhone pop-up bubble to the mobil site, so folks can add the web app to their desktop. I found the code on google code and tweaked it a little to match the Archive. Thanks Google!

UPDATE: killed this just because it got annoying and by now everyone knows how to bookmark things on their phones and tables. redundant.

The new mobile site is up and running

Wet Ink

so many cell phones

Having been in Hong Kong for the last few weeks I couldn’t help but notice that my site didn’t play nice with pc’s or mobile devices. So from the road I started my third rebuild with cross browser compatibility in mind. If your reading this on anything other than a Mac then the new code is working!

For the mobile readers I built a completely new theme. It’s lightning fast compared to the brick it used to be. There a few bugs concerning my logo and navigation that I’d like to resolve but for the most part I am very happy with it. I’ve been ducking into phone stores here in HK every chance I get to test it on different devices and so far so good.

For the desktop site I built a new more efficient theme as well as cutting or consolidating as many plugins as possible. I started from a boilerplate html5 based theme called “Bones”. It pointed me in the right direction on a lot of the things I wanted to do. Now my big task is to implement better image optimization and dynamic thumbnail resizing. I can always just limit the number of images per page but I would rather server higher resolution pictures to faster machines and smaller to slower.

On the back end I’m also organizing how I sort and handle content as well. The problem right now is that it is too much of a blog and not enough of an “archive”. It’s hard to find things unless you know what your looking for, and that’s just not any fun. I have some leads on how to do this with wordpress custom taxonomies but it looks sort of hard. So check back later to see if I can pull it off.

Wow, looking back Its been a pretty geeky last couple of weeks. Oh well it’s worth it if it helps me share my work with others. What’s the point of being an artist if no can ever see your work.

Rosko and Chiade


Personally, I’ve never been a big fan of the dungeon and raid scene. I really just like exploring. So a total rewrite of the game and the addition of a archeology profession sounds like a lot of fun.

The man behind the curtain


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! I built a redirect page for the website today and to style it out a little bit drew this little cartoon. You can never fail with a good wizard of OZ reference!

Red Silas Painting


He spent a good half hour drawing in photoshop. Here is the mornings masterpiece. I helped by picking different colors for him every few minutes but other than that its all him.

subdomain hookup!

Wet Ink

Rebuilding the code

Fixing Nextgen gallery to play nice!

Yeah I’m a dork. I’ve been geeking out on ways to make the site faster, and today I managed to move all of my images over to their own subdomain.

What this means is that all of the images can now be loaded in parallel with all of the other files that you are opening. Before it would take a little while for all of the images to load on the site. Thats because all of the files were being loaded thru a single source. Now that I have subdomains set up for all of the images, html, cssimages, and javascript files which make up this site. They all now come from different locations. Instead on one funnel there are four and so everything moves faster. yeah!

The hardest part of all this was trying to redirect all of the images from the Nextgen Gallery plugin that I use. Today I was digging through the php files and I found the little snippet of code for the base url. I changed it and TA DA! like magic suddenly everything worked! Problem solved.

Go go gadget geek powers!

Let’s Draw!

Wet Ink

This website wouldn’t be complete without a place to draw!

I put Mr. Doob’s amazing Harmony app in the frame below. What are you waiting for? Lets make some art.

Have fun!


sorry but i had to kill this page, i changed the layout of the site and it just didn’t look that great and I was getting frustrated trying to fix it all the time.

Vimeo to the rescue

Wet Ink

Yeah! I just read the news about Vimeo throwing down mobile and html5 support!

Finally I have an easy way of adding video without spending five hours of compression and coding. This news solves the biggest hold up for developing this site. Wahoo! Looks like we are good to go. Nothing left to do now but upload and replace all the old files in super awesome HD!

Another late night

Wet Ink

My computer is trying to kill me

I’ve been trying to get the sites load time down to under a second but it looks like it isn’t happening. On the bright side I did set up a image mirror last night. Now all of the sites embedded picture picture should go through a domain. It might speed things up a little or just give me a big headache.

cypress mountain


I woke up at five the other day and went for a hike up at cypress mountain provential park with Scott Loarie. We had a great time.

new Ramblin’ category

I’m really excited about the new Ramblin category I set up.

One of the goals of setting up the site was to have a professional work space but its nice to put up family stuff as well. Now I can do both without the water mixing with the oil.


House Cleaning

I’m in the process of rebuilding the website to make it more flexible to use.

The old one was a bit of a beast. Split into several parts, with multiple domains and overly heavy bad code it was a nightmare to keep up. Posting media was always rather frustrating. It had to go eventually.

The goal rebuilding the site was to clean up the interface and make everything mobile friendly. Ever since I got an iphone I’ve been more aware of these things. Waiting for your own site to load in order to share something with a friend is rather frustrating. It being too small to read is maddening. So if your reading this on the go, enjoy. I spend way too much time learning, css, javascript and jquerry code so you can do that.

A good deal of the information on some of the new tabbed pages is just filler. In the coming days I’ll finish polishing them up. While in the processes of building them though I did find a bunch of old project, mainly old student films, that I’ve never put up on line. I put a few under the “wrapped” tab for you to watch. Descriptions and such will come later when I find the time. Thats it for now.

Muddy boots


Here is a fun little sequence I found in my sketchbook from a few weeks back. I’m in the process of trying to scan everything so there should be a lot of new art up in the next few days.

The Big Move

Wet Ink

the old hood

Looking down over the old hood

After 1700 kms of driving Virginia and I have made it down to LA and are now lost in a forest of cardboard boxes. The big move is finally over and we are trying to settle into our new apartment on the West Side.

After ditching the Uhaul truck we rushed over to Sigraph for all of the usual chaos. We were too burned out to really dig into the new tech but we had the fortune of being able to run into a lot of old friends and sit down for a few interviews. It was especially nice to pass by the Animation Labs booth and have a moment to talk with some of our Jerusalem friends. Looks like The Wild Bunch is moving along and gearing up for animation. Best of luck to the Lab!

Gallery Row

After several days of not sleeping, coffee and coding insanity I have finally got this beast of a site to a point where it is passable. There is still a tone of css and html work to do but its not as important as posting and with that in mind I have added an old sketchbook to test out GALLERY ROW. Its an old one from 2002. I’ll scan a few of the newer ones soon. untill then, enjoy.


note: “gallery row” has evolved into the entire site.

And so it begins!


This is the first posting to my new wayward blog. I’ve done a lot of work connected to that name. For some reason i’ve always thought it encapsulated what I did best, constantly change directions.