Major Crash

This website has been offline for a few months now for reasons beyond my control.  I’m now clawing my way back after a major infrastructure collapse.

My webhost was upgrading their servers and there was a data transfer error. Usually not a big deal, this is why you keep backups right, unfortunately my personal site backups had stopped working a month earlier for some unknown reason… No problem, because my host keeps a backup of all the data and the physical drive on the old server that they were switching out when they moved still exist.  We just had to get the old drives with my site and the backup shipped to us and transferred over to the new server.  This is where things get bad.  The physical drives were damaged while being shipped to the new facility.  long story short, I lost about two months worth of posts and had to rebuild them from scratch.  This is a situation which can best described as shitty.

A lot of good people worked very hard to help get this rush bucket back up and running.  It may take me a while to get back up to speed but I’m at a point now where I can start posting again without writing over old data.  Fingers crossed the worst is behind me and I never have to go through a major site meltdown like this again.