There and back again

Here are some panels I drew showing the chimps arrival and departure from the planet Zeta.

ARRIVAL: This “was” my favorite scene in the whole movie. The wormhole was going to be mix of Pink elephants and some of my favorite abstract animators: Jordon Belson, Oscar Fischinger, Len Lye and Norm Mclaren. It was going to be a wonderful departure from the normal screensaver look for these things. Alas… it never came to be.
( p.s. sorry didn’t have time to write up the text on this one.)

DEPARTURE: Once again the script didn’t explain how the chimps actually got into space so we the board team had to make it up. We invented a volcano to parallel Hams circus cannon act and reverse engineered it into the rest of the story.

Picture hhp

Picture  zlwrw

Picture  pakzb

Picture  qqtlo

Picture  lrmlth

Picture  bqzio

Picture  havgot

Picture  hkhkin