About Me

For the most part I do the same thing I did when I was five. All day long I sit at a desk and draw.

All about me

I’m a feature animation development artist who specialize in story and character design. I dream big and am slowly inching my way toward my grandiose directorial aspirations.

I’ve worked in the animation industry now for nearly ten years, hopping around between various projects and studios. One could say that I am a wayward pixel gypsy as I have a reputation for always being on the move. This grand tradition has now brought me back home to the San Francisco Bay Area were I am gayly employed working on Star Wars Rebels as a Storyboard Artist. Joining me on all my crazy adventures are my three lovely boys Silas, Rudie and Wiley. The family that draws together stays together.

About This Site

I am a tinker. I like exploring and learning new things. This website is one of my random projects. Its is a digital playground where I tinker with code, post art and try to learn about this crazy place we call the web. I am by no means a professional web developer nor do I have any aspirations to be one. I just like learning how things work and a few years back I though I should learn about websites. This is just the bi-product of countless hours nerding out on php and css.