The Divorce Sketchbook

These were dark times. Shortly after starting this sketchbook the life I knew was suddenly and violently torn me. After seven years of marriage Virginia she asked me for a divorce. It seams she had finally grown tired of living with an artist. I hope one day my boys will understand how hard I tried to make it work.

I spent a good part of this last year looking inward. It has been painful yet enlightening. I would never wish this sort of pain on anyone. For all the agony though I can also say it has been an amazing journey of self discovery. I have learned more about myself in the last year than in all the previous. I have also found mountains of inspiration. I’m a single dad now, Between work and my kids I don’t have much time for art which is why this sketchbook al the more precious. It took a good deal of effort to finish it.

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Hey! Every now and again I check up on some of my fav artists. It’s been a min but I see you’re still as good as I remember. I see a published book coming for you.

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