Sierra Side Painting

After spending all day storyboarding action and drama, taking two hours to paint a landscape where nothing happens is pure self indulgence.  Ok,got it out of my system, back to work.

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Making stuff up while sitting inside on a rainy day.

Snowy Peak

If I can’t go to the mountains then the mountains will come to me. ┬áPainted this snowy landscape to remind myself that places outside of the office exist.

snow, ice and rocks
dreaming of icy mountain slopes

Fleet Week beach day

Spent the weekend with the boys at the beach. Its fleet week and the air show was pretty inspirational. Here is a little watercolor I did of the Blue Angeles screaming past Crissy Fields.

Fleet Week 2016
looking north from Crissy Field East Beach towards the Golden Gate Bridge
Corte madera marsh

The Divorce Sketchbook

These were dark times. Shortly after starting this sketchbook the life I knew was suddenly and violently torn me. After seven years of marriage Virginia she asked me for a divorce. It seams she had finally grown tired of living with an artist. I hope one day my boys will understand how hard I tried to make it work. I spent a good part of this last year looking inward. It has been painful yet enlightening. I would never wish… Read more »

Star Wars Rebels holocrons

Alex Gray

I think on a subconscious level I’ve really been inspired by Alex Grays work. I was introduced to his art in college, my roommate kept a book of his paintings on the coffee table. I haven’t thought about it in years but this morning while rewatching Holocrons of Fate it dawned on me how much he has influenced my storytelling and design.

His painting the Theologue was always one of my favorites. I must have tapped into its influence while storyboarding this scene from Star Wars Rebels.

Showdown in the Sith Temple

Found this while cleaning up the rats nest which is my art folder. Vader vs Ahsoka Tano in the sith temple. Painted it while storyboarding on the Twilight_of_the_Apprentice. It was a really fun episode to work on and worthy of some in-house fan art.

lightning lightsaber fight
Vader vs Ahsoka Tano


A sith temple painting I made while storyboarding on the Star Wars Rebels Season two finale.

The sith temple
Kanan and ahsoka standing in front of the sith temple.

Beach Break

Sitting at a desk too long. All my day dreams are about salty air and large swell rolling in. Need to find my way back to the water.

beach brake
The view from my desk