Kitchen Corner

Lunch time Plein air, quarantine addition. Today I sketched a corner of my kitchen .

Oil on panel 9x12in

Across the pond at Palace of Fine Art

A lunchtime oil sketch from back in February. Standing on the east side of the pond looking west.

Random side story about this one. The guys who parked behind me pulled out a drone and started flying it around. They took off and a cop showed up asking about them few minutes later. I didn’t want to narc the guys out but the cop seamed well meaning so I played along and then he ran off to track them down. Not long after all four returned to the park car and we learn that there had been a string of break ins at tourist sites that day. The kind officer just wanted to make sure their stuff was safe, thinking they would be a target because of the drone. The cop was a pro. Everyone had a good time and nothing got stollen. The end.

Oil painting
Oil on board 9x12in

Saini Vineyards

Back in February I did a little painting outside the Saini tasting room. Honestly if you haven’t tried their wine you are miss missing out, the Saini family really knows their craft. Angelo’s paint brush is beyond good.

Oil on board 9x12in

School House Blues

The only upside to this Covid-19 pandemic is that I get to spend a lot more time with my boys. Today, I sketched the twins while they were sitting down for their morning Zoom meetings.

9×12 oil on board

Easter Echium

Spent the day social distancing in my moms garden, painting some lovely echium flowers. It was a beautiful warm afternoon until a large storm front snuck up behind me and it began to rain. I escaped back to my house to finish the sketch.

Oil on board 9x12in

The driveway north

Another quarantine painting. This is the view looking down my driveway toward Terrace Ave, San Anselmo. In addition I made a time-lapse video of my painting process.

plein air oil painting
9x12in oil on board
plein air oil painting view
Painters view
Time-lapse of my painting process


I painted the driveway behind my house.

plein air painting
9x12in oil on board
oil painting view
painters view

Desk view

A small officescape oil sketch I made before the Covid-19 quarantine went into effect.

oil painting
oil on canvas panel 8x10in

Upton Ave Palms

A Persidio lunchtime painting from January. looking south from the picnic table at the Persidio Institute on a misty afternoon.

plein air oil painting
oil on panel, 8x10in