Way down yonder in the miner key

Dick and Don spy on the old miner and scheme plans to take back their stolen gold. Are they itching for a fight or is that poison oak?

in the poison oak
Yep, ther’s the old man and sure enough that looks like our gold. Lets go get it back. We’ll need an overly elaborate plan.


river watercolor painting

Upper Sacramento River

Found twenty minutes to paint while passing though Dunsmuir on my way north to see the great American eclipse in Oregon. Forgot to bring ink so I’ll clean this up a bit later. Can’t complain, after six hours in the car with three boys just sitting by a river is bliss.

river watercolor painting
I used to go fishing on this stretch of the river with my dad, every year for opening day of trout season. Good times.


Clan Fighters

Sorry for the inconvenience folks, but our boys must take a brief break from their normal fun loving adventures to kick the snot out of the clan.

beating up the KKK

The Millionaire

At the old miners camp, the wild eyed mountain man is preparing a feast to celebrate his new found wealth.

the old miner and his gold nugget
After all these years, I’ve finally found the mother-load. Boy howdy I’m a millionaire!

A quick beach painting I made while my boys got ready for bed. Kids are jumping all over the place, time to eject. This is as far as I got.

sandy beach
Anakin would hate this place
Rocky Shoal

Lake Sketch

Made this lake doodle to test ArtRage on my new iMac.  So much faster and responsive that my old powerbook.  Very happy with the graphic improvements.  Can’t wait to try it out on something more substantial.

Artrage digital oil painting of a lake
morning by the water


sneaking up on the old miner
the lookouts

Dick and Don find the old miner’s campsite. Will they be able to get their gold nugget back or will it be too late?