Rainy Day Fig Tree

The first rain of the year. Set up under the eve of my house and painted the fig tree in the front yard.

oil painting
oil on Panel 9x12in

Miracle Mile

Walked down the hill to catch the last rays of light and the evening commute here in San Anselmo. Standing over by Play Well looking east towards United Market.

oil painting
9x12in oil on panel

San Anselmo

oil painting
9x12in oil on panel

Spent the afternoon in downtown San Anselmo trying capture the warm atmosphere of all the families celebrating the victory of Joe Biden and a Kamala Harris. There was live music and lots of kids running around while people excitedly talked through n95 masks, popped champagne, ate pizza and drank beer. Joy was everywhere. It was fun to watch. Clearly no one here will miss Donald Trump.

Ross Common

I was painting by the post office steps today in Ross, CA and heard a great deal of cautiously optimistic chatter regarding the election. One gentleman summed up the mood of the community thus, “We might actually be able to sleep next week.” Wouldn’t that be nice.

oil painting
9x12in oil on panel
oil painting view
Artist’s view

Greenfield Ave

Hanging out on the corner of Greenfield Ave and Greenfield court looking west with Red Hill in the background and a guy with a flat tire waiting for a tow in the foreground.

oil sketch
oil on panel 9x12in
plein air
artists view
Oil painting

Smokey San Anselmo

Today would have been the kids third day back in school but this is 2020 so the school was closed because of bad air. The glass fire up in Napa is still raging and the smoke is now pouring into the Bay Area. Smoke means interesting landscapes though so I found my way to the El Camino Avenida overlook in San Rafael around sunset and painted the view looking back towards Red Hill and San Anselmo.

9×12 oil on panel
Artist view from perch on El Camino Avenida

In the shade of the oaks

It was very hot and dry in Alexander Valley yesterday. I spent my afternoon standing in the shade of an oak grove on the family ranch, painting one of the oak trees that survived last years fires. The threat of fire was everywhere, still. Ash scars and burned out stumps are in the foreground. Smoke from the glass fire currently raging over the hill near Mt. Saint Helena drifted into the Valley and filled the landscape with an ominous warm haze. Once again it is a tinder box.

Oil painting
Oil on canvas, 18x24in

Barber Ave Bridge

Walked downtown to paint and grab a burrito. Barber street looking west from the bridge over San Anselmo creek.

9x12in oil on board

Beach Drive

Post work painting session. Looking South on Beach Drive in San Rafael around sunset. I’m really glad I had my LED lights, the sun dropped faster than I expected.

oil painting
9x12in oil on board