Dusk Weeds

Twilight by the College of Marin Gravel Parking lot, looking west towards Kentfield.

24x18in oil on canvas

Trees at Sunset

Drinks at Internos and then a nice walk around the neighborhood looking for something to paint. The trees just across Corte Madera creek we’re looking pretty good in the fading light, so I went with that.

9x12in oil on linen panel

Persidio Battery

May the fourth be with you!

I drove into Lucasfilm today and on the way, I stopped to paint by the old military battery. This strip of land was under construction for years, so it was a nice change to finally be able to set up and paint without a chain-link fence and bulldozers obstructing the view. I think the restoration team did an amazing job, as the area now looks stunning in person.

9x12in oil on linen panel

Algae and Brush

It was too hot in the apartment to think, so I stepped out for a little post-work painting by the Corte Madera Creek. It was much more pleasant to stand in the cool, green grass of the creek bank. There was a rising tide of orangish-rose colored algae drifting in the water, which helped break up the greenery.

9x12in oil on linen panel


While waiting for my brother and nieces to finish their farm chores, I painted a cherry tree in their little orchard. It was fun to watch the girls help drive a tractor and watch the border collies help drive some goats. All in a day’s work on the farm.

9x11in oil on linen panel

Piper Park Palms Painting

Say that ten times fast.

It was a windy afternoon at Piper Park in Larkspur, and I had to hold on to my canvas to keep it from flying away. Despite the wind, the light was great – bright but not blinding, though.

9x11in oil on linen panel

Larkspur Creek

The kids are currently on vacation with their mom, so instead of going Easter egg hunting, I enjoyed a lovely painting session with Benjamin Noah Benetton. We were blessed with perfect, warm and bright Easter weather, although it was almost too bright. I spent the entire painting session huddled under my umbrella, which was complicated by the fact that I had forgotten my painting palette and had to use one of my other painting panels instead. Needless to say, I had my hands full!

I was surprised to find that the last storm had washed away a tree that had been blocking the best view of the creek. This wouldn’t have been possible two weeks ago.

9x11in oil on linen panel

Corner Poppies in Greenbrae

Staring at neon orange poppies surrounded by shiny white cement and chrome electrical boxes for an hour was a painful experience. It felt like my eyes were going to shrivel up in their sockets by the time I called it quits and packed up to go home. It was impossibly bright, and I think I seared this image onto the back of my retina.

9x11in oil on linen panel

Nob Hill Side Road

Got one more snowy landscape in before driving back down the mountain. This one was just fifty meters east of the main lodge at Sugar Bowl looking south down the side road towards Nob hill and part of Mt. Disney.

9x11in oil on linen panel

Crows Nest from Jerome

I had a fantastic day skiing at Sugar Bowl today, and even managed to squeeze in a quick painting before the lifts closed. The view of Crows Nest from Jerome Hill, as seen from Central Pacific. Despite feeling a bit frozen after my hour-long session, I couldn’t help but grin as I skied up to the cabin. It was a truly great day.

9x11in oil on linen panel