Head over heels

Dick and Don take a tumble down towards the old miners camp.

Dick and Don Comic. falling down the hill
The boys find a faster way down the mountain

Lake Sketch

Made this lake doodle to test ArtRage on my new iMac.  So much faster and responsive that my old powerbook.  Very happy with the graphic improvements.  Can’t wait to try it out on something more substantial.

Artrage digital oil painting of a lake
morning by the water


sneaking up on the old miner
the lookouts

Dick and Don find the old miner’s campsite. Will they be able to get their gold nugget back or will it be too late?

Winding path

Long overdue. Don’t think I’ve sat down and done a pencil drawing in a while. Computers are sucking my soul dry. Needed to escape so I sat down and drew this at the kitchen table while my boys were having a lively discussion about hacking Minecraft.

Pencil landscape drawing by sterling sheehy
Imaginary Marin landscape

Sierra Side Painting

After spending all day storyboarding action and drama, taking two hours to paint a landscape where nothing happens is pure self indulgence.  Ok,got it out of my system, back to work.

landscape, Art, mountain, snow, photoshop, Painting, impressionist, California
Making stuff up while sitting inside on a rainy day.