From the Chapel

Another lunchtime painting. This is the view looking east from the Presidio Chapel on a foggy summer afternoon.

9x12in oil on wood panel

Graham Street Palms

I was painting in the Main Post of the Presidio at lunch today on Graham Street. It was a beautiful day here, with really nice light, and I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. The oils didn’t give me any trouble, The wind didn’t pick up like it usually does, I didn’t forget any supplies or drop the painting in the dirt, and the notifications on my phone said Trump was guilty on all all thirty four felony counts. It was a lovely afternoon.

9x12in oil on linen panel

Little Brick Building

I’m not sure what this little brick building off of McDowell Ave was, but I always thought it would make a great cafe or art studio. It was probably some military maintenance shed or electrical building. Anyways, I painted it after work today.

9x11in oil on linen panel

Presidio Blvd Palms

I spent my lunch break today painting outside Cafe RX. It was a redo of a not-so-great oil sketch I did a few weeks ago. There’s something deeply satisfying about painting over your own work, especially when you see improvement. It’s not just a mental boost; physically, there’s a unique feel to painting over an already-painted canvas. Although, I’m not sure about the long-term stability of the piece since it seems to defy the ‘fat over lean’ rule.

9x12in oil on linen panel
POV of the palms

Simonds Loop

Quick lunchtime painting on the hill above Lucasfilm, looking east.

I’ve been slacking on posting my paintings lately. Just moved into a new place and still haven’t gotten around to setting up my studio properly – no lights, no easel, not even blinds for the windows yet. So many things to do, but hey, at least I’ve been keeping busy with the paintbrush, even if I’m not sharing much online.

9x11in oil on linen panel

Above the Presidio golf course

There is a small glen between the corner of Compton Rd and Washington Blvd. It’s a bit overgrown with brambles, but on this occasion, the light was nice, and I was in a rush to paint. It served its purpose. Working on such a messy subject with a small panel is a challenge. I should try again but with a larger canvas.

9x12in oil on linen panel
Artist’s view

Crissy Field Overlook

I was painting after work today, and usually, it’s super windy and cold over by the bridge as the fog rolls in. But not tonight; instead, it was lovely, calm, and warm. The quality of light was exceptional. As far as Presidio painting sessions go, these conditions were as good as it gets. I worked on this one for about an hour until I lost my light, then finished it up at home.

9x12in oil on linen panel
Artists view

Hellman Hollow XC Race

I had to take my son to a cross country race in Golden Gate Park this morning, the Lowell Invitational. He needed to be there two hours early to help set up, which gave me just enough time to paint. My compliments to cross country event planners for consistently choosing beautiful locations and start times that almost always guarantee stunning lighting. Today was no exception; there was a lingering hint of lavender fog in the atmosphere as I finished up.

I began and finished this painting with no one in the lower frame, but the race course ran parallel through the grass. By the time I was done, a large crowd of nervous-looking teenagers in their school colors were warming up just behind me. I was tempted to paint in some runners, but before I knew it, it was time to cheer for Redwood High School!

Today, the crowd was much chattier than my usual onlookers, prompting me to give many “you can paint too, just don’t be afraid to fail…” pep talks. I had a wonderful time, and the event was fantastic. I’m sure many personal bests were achieved today.

9x12in oil on linen panel

Redwood High School Cross County

My son had cross country practice this morning in Tennessee Valley. While he ran with his friends I painted and chatted with campers coming down off the hill. It was a classic foggy Marin Headlands landscape. All the runners passing down the trail added a splash of color to the otherwise monochromatic hills.

This is the view just south of the parking lot, looking north from the Haypress Camp Trail fork.

9x12in oil on linen panel