Rainy Day Bus Stop

rain day painting
oil on board, 8x10in

A thick misty drizzle started to fall over the Persidio today at lunch. It was nice to have a little rain after such a long dry spell. I set up my easel under a big old oak and huddled under my umbrella just behind the post office parking lot. This is looking north towards the old military hospital.

Fun fact this corner is also a well fought over Pokemon go gym

Baker Beach overlook

beach painting
oil on linen board, 6x8in

Lunchtime plein air painting. Not far from the road over looking Baker Beach in the Persidio, San Francisco

Palms & Parrots

plein air painting by Sterling Sheehy of parrots in the presidio
Oil on linen board, 6x8in

Lucasfilm has an abundance of palm trees and parrots, here are a few I painted at lunch. Northwest view about one hundred meters west of the Persidio gate bus stop.

Trail painting

A quick lunchtime study. Looking north on the trail just below the arguello gate lookout, in the Persidio, San Francisco

water color based oil painting
8x10in oil on board

Wood Pile Hill Painting

oak tree painting
25×20 cm Oil on board.

A plein air study painted at the Robert Young Estate.

My boy Wiley and and I hiked up the hill behind my Grandmas house to do a little painting. It was blisteringly hot and we only lasted about 1.5hrs before we melted. Wiley was a champ, he painted for about twenty minutes then for the next hour shared an in-depth thesus on the pros and cons of different Minecraft hacks. We had a great time.

Below is his artistic contribution.

Wiley’s study oil on canvas

Under the Picnic Table Oak Tree

Oil Painting by Sterling Sheehy
Oil on Canvas, 48×76 cm, June 29, 2019

Looking west over Alexander Valley. This is a plein air painting I made in the family vineyards. We were experiencing a heat wave that day and I started melting after three hours in the sun, so I painted what I could then turned tail and retreated to a swimming pool. A few days later I cleaned it up in the home studio.

Star Wars Comic 1997

I found an old comic of mine from freshman year at USC. If I recall correctly a party we had in the dorms was broken up by RA’s “residential advisers” and campus police “DPS”, so I lampooned it in the school paper, the daily Trojan. This strip was probably only funny if you were there, and high.

Luke and obi talk about blast marks