Little Black Moleskine Sketchbook

The big night
Videographer and waiter, Black tie doodles at the Ritz-Carlton

This was my first time keeping a small sketchbook. I usually prefer a more traditional 8×10 inch book. It’s all mixed media, pencil, ink, watercolor etc. and took about four months of very sporadic doodling to complete.

I bought this little fellow because Moleskine advertised it as a storyboard notebook. Lesson learned, always remember to read the description when buying something and don’t judge a book by its cover. I bought this thinking it was going to be an awesome storyboard “sketchbook”. Aparently notebook and sketchbook are not the same thing. Good to know. Still purchasing snafus aside, I don’t know what they were thinking. For some un-thought-out reason the books layout isn’t consistent. On some pages the frames are a half-page spread and on others it’s an eighth. The odds of running out of frames half way into a scene are very high. Why on earth would you want to switch sizes in the middle of a project? This is like printing a journal that changes line spacing from 12-point to 5-point at random intervals. My biggest complaint though is that the book was printed using a 1.33 aspect ratio. 1.33 is all but dead so if you have to pick any aspect ratio for a storyboard book at least go with the modern standard of 1.85.

Long story short, do to technical difficulties I gave up on any boarding ambitions i had at the cash register and just turned this little fellow into a handy pocket doodle book. In that regard it was much more functional. Let me know what you think.


Too bad al my other sketchbooks are back in California. One of the best things about finishing a sketchbook is getting to put it on the shelf next to all the others.

Really enjoyed going through your sketchbook, Sterling. Love all the pencils and ink and crayon and watercolors – the sketches of Silas are especially lovely. Hope you and the fam are doing great!

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