Persido Overlook Gum Trees

Looking west towards one of the Baker Beach overlook parking lots, in the Persidio, San Francisco. One of about twenty five Lunchtime paintings that I’ve made since the beginning of the year. My plan was to paint about two or three every week on my work lunch break. Hopefully I can get back into the office by summer. Until then, time to start painting the sites closer to home.

plein air painting
Gum trees, 8x10in oil on canvased board

Gravel driveway

Painted on a freezing, wet and dull January morning. The boys were sick so I set up shop at grandmas house and while they watched cartoons near a lovely roaring fire I half froze to death while painting this sketch of my moms gravel driveway.

oil painting
water-based oil on panel, 8x10in

New Growth

This sketch is from late January. No thanks to the Kincade fire, the family ranch had been charred black for weeks, then we had our first rain and they magically turned a brilliant shade of green. I did my best to capture it.

Interesting side note, because the fires burned back all the grass it exposed a bunch of petrified wood in the area where I’m standing.

oil painting
a drizzly day at the ranch, oil on panel 8x10in
my POV

On Ring Mountain

Avoiding C19, people and our iPads, my boys and I escaped the house for a hike up Ring Mountain. It was a lovely day so I started a painting of neighboring Mt. Tam but by the end of an hour the kids had lost their patience and water so I was forced to make a premature retreat to the car. Back in quarantine, I continued to clean up the painting a bit while they continued their adventuring in Minecraft.

plein air oil painting
looking West towards Mt. Tam
plein air painting
As far as I got before they dragged me off the mountain

Last day in the Office

I made one last lunchtime painting before Lucasfilm sent everybody home because of C19. It’s of one of the officer houses across the street from work. I cut through this yard on the way to Cafe RX nearly every week day. It has these beautiful trees. I’m sure to do more paintings here, it’s just a lovely space and has great light.

plein air oil painting
light through the leaves

Turtles Back Trail

Painting in China Camp State Park again. This time on the Turtles Back hiking loop looking south towards the road.

alla prima plein air oil painting by Sterling Sheehy
Oil on wood Panel 8x10inches

Buckeye Point After the Rain

It stopped raining for a bit so I drove over to China Camp State Park and painted the view looking west from Buckeye Point.

oil on board, 8x10in

Jungle Book Poster

My son is singing and dancing in his first musical, The Jungle Book! He gets to play King Louie and does a great version of I Wan’na Be Like You. I’m very proud of my little orangutan.

All the parents are chipping in to get the curtain up so I did my part and made the kids a poster.

Poster for the musical the Jungle Book
Painted in Photoshop

Rainy Day Bus Stop

rain day painting
oil on board, 8x10in

A thick misty drizzle started to fall over the Persidio today at lunch. It was nice to have a little rain after such a long dry spell. I set up my easel under a big old oak and huddled under my umbrella just behind the post office parking lot. This is looking north towards the old military hospital.

Fun fact this corner is also a well fought over Pokemon go gym

Baker Beach overlook

beach painting
oil on linen board, 6x8in

Lunchtime plein air painting. Not far from the road over looking Baker Beach in the Persidio, San Francisco