masked man

The Green Sketchbook

This Sketchbook is from 2014. Most of it was drawn in San Francisco while working for Lucasfilm on Star Wars Rebels. Parts were drawn in Hong kong and Vancouver. I should note that this book was taken by my five year old son one afternoon, he added some lovely drawings too it. Its the first time anyone has drawn in one of my sketchbooks. Mixed feelings, I probably would be upset had it been anybody else. His drawings are super… Read more »


The Black Spot Sketchbook

For some reason I kept misplacing this sketchbook.  It went missing for weeks and just recently resurfaced uper my car seat.  This is from early 2015.  I started it in Hong Kong while on holiday and finished it some time in the summer.  Would have been sooner but as I mentioned before it kept disappearing. Luckily it resurfaced long enough for me to scan it. Enjoy.

Ocean Vista

Took a break from storyboarding this afternoon and painted this improvised landscape in photoshop.

ocean vista
Not the view from my desk

Drinking with the Ghost Crew

You know you like your job when you spend your free time making fan art about it. I was drinking and drawing the other night when I had this half baked idea about Sabine brainstorming in her sketchbook. A few hours later and it evolved into this silly painting about my friend Brad Rau having a pint with the Ghost Crew. There is no way anything like this would ever get approved at work but its fun to imagine the Rebels cutting loose at ‘ol Joes bar after a successful mission. Why Brads there, I don’t know but it cracks me up and in my book that’s reason enough. …And to clarify, for all the parents out there, lets just say Ezra is drinking “space root beer”.

Star Wars Rebels crew painting
Celebrating at ‘ol Joes after a successful mission.


Here’s a detail so you can see Sabines doodles.

Sabine Wren draws the rebel logo
Detail- The ghost crew enjoying a little R&R at old Joes.

Shinny drawing night doodle

Under Water Witch
Drawing of a witch underwater by Sterling Sheehy. Drawn at Shinny drawing night in San Francisco. 9×11 inch. ink, pencil and guache on paper.

I went to a drawing party last night. This ink sketch was one of my take away drawings. Someone challenged me to draw a Victorian witch under water and this was the result.

moster artist

He’s A Drawing Fiend

My son Silas is really getting into his drawings lately. I’m very proud of to see how passionate he is about art. He takes his work very seriously, almost too seriously.

The other day we were in the middle of a long drawing session when it dawned on me that he is a drawing fiend. I drew this little caricature of him. Oh man was he upset. I agreed the drawing was off insisting that the eye color was wrong. This only upset him more. I was trying to coax him into a caricature battle but I don’t think he gets it yet, got to get him to fire back. Can’t wait to see what happens when he starts drawing the family. I’m sure it will be glorious.

moster artist
My son is a drawing fiend

Playroom Sketch

Had a little free time today so I sat down and drew this cozy little room in ArtRage.  Not sure what it is so i’m going to call it a playroom.  Probably too tidy for that…  Who knows maybe the kids grew up.  I’m over thinking it.

Artrage drawing
Drawing from my head