Out Come the Wolves

Ezra and the wolf
call of the wild

I’ve sat on this painting for a few months, it wasn’t concept art for the show, just a fan painting I made while on my lunch break.  The wolves are one of my favorite elements of season four. The more I worked with them the more they bored their way into my imagination. I understand Dave’s obsession with them now.

Really looking forward to the second half of the season airing.  I’m so happy with how it came out.

Escaping to the mine

The old miner makes his escape drawing Dick and Don towards his mine.

i'll loose them in the mine.
He knows those mines like the back of his hand.

Desert Painting

Couldn’t sleep so I watched Super Troopers and painted a desert.

digital oil painting of desert
I don’t like sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere.

Chinatown Street

Thinking about my comic project with Dick and Don and how it winds its way around San Francisco.

San Francisco Chinatown alley
Avoiding the landlady.


Gotta Run

The boys stumble out of the poison oak. The old miner has a head start. Will they catch him?

poison oak
fly you fools

Best to Bail

There is a commotion in the bushes and the old miner catches wind of Dick and Don.

campfire side
One step ahead of the heros

Itching for a fight

Dick and Don were itching for a fight with the old miner, now they get to have an itchy fight. Bad luck, Looks like the boys stumbled into a patch of Pacific Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum).

poison ok drawing
Toxicodendron diversilobum

Way down yonder in the miner key

Dick and Don spy on the old miner and scheme plans to take back their stolen gold. Are they itching for a fight or is that poison oak?

in the poison oak
Yep, ther’s the old man and sure enough that looks like our gold. Lets go get it back. We’ll need an overly elaborate plan.


river watercolor painting

Upper Sacramento River

Found twenty minutes to paint while passing though Dunsmuir on my way north to see the great American eclipse in Oregon. Forgot to bring ink so I’ll clean this up a bit later. Can’t complain, after six hours in the car with three boys just sitting by a river is bliss.

river watercolor painting
I used to go fishing on this stretch of the river with my dad, every year for opening day of trout season. Good times.