Lightning Storm

Couldn’t sleep last night thanks to the storm outside the window here in Ma On Shan. Half asleep I mechanically stumbled through the dark and rigged a quick time-lapse setup. I wish I had been more prepared and awake. The camera batteries were at half, the drive was near full, the window glass was dirty and I didn’t have a tripod. A lot of mistakes for an old photog like me but eh, I still managed to get a few lightning bolts so I guess it worked out.

In case you’re wondering that’s Tai Po Kau and the Tolo Harbour in the background.

Virginia gets the icon treatment.

mommy painting
The Mrs. got an icon

This morning I came up with the cute idea of making a memory flip-card game for my son Silas.  To make it special I’m going to make cartoons of people in the family for him to play with.  Since I already had my new icon I decided to use it as my style guide and try to work from there out.

The wife was the first to get the Icon treatment. She is a harsh critic of these sort of things so if this was going to work at all I would at the very least have to get her portrait right.  She gave the THUMBS UP so I am good to go!  Here it is.

New Profile Icon

Sterling Sheehy
My goofy mug.

I realize I have a lot of inconsistent profile information floating around the web these day. Sorry about that but its easy for to be pulled in a million directions online. Its difficult enough keeping this site up to date let alone all the social junk i’ve signed up for over the years. For instance, I forgot I have a flickr account, completely lapsed on that one.

Well I was trying to do a little spring cleaning today and in the spirit of updating things created an new profile icon. Nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual suspects, hat, glasses, stripes and scruff. Hope you like it.

Birthday painting

moms kitchen
My birthday painting

I was caught off guard on my birthday and to my surprise Virginia gave me a brand new Cintiq 12wx.

I love my new drawing tablet! Its awesome! I’m all smiles over here at our house. As a double bonus I got photoshop CS5 as well! Double score!! I’ve spent the last few years stuck on CS1 so this is a HUGE improvement. Goodbye bugs! I will not miss you.

Above is my first painting on the new gear.

side view


I’ve been rather busy as of late and haven’t had a lot of time to make art.

Last night I found myself with the odd bit of free time and so I jumped onto zbrush and made this quick bust. I was inspired by these massive sculpts by Javier Marin which are installed not too far from my house. His work is amazing and this doesn’t even come close to how mind blowingly wonderful his installation is. It took my breath away when I saw it. It is by far the coolest thing in Richmond, BC.

My little sculpt took about two hours to make start to finnish. As always the punchline is that the rendering took longer than the work.

Jungle Painting

Scarlet Macaws
Costa Rican Scarlet Macaws

I have been working on some artwork for my sister. She wanted something that looked like an old tropical postcard. So first I painted the nice little Costa Rican Landscape below and then put it through the photoshop ringer, and after a lot of masking and engraving filters was able to deliver the above painting. I like it. Especially the color tones on the mountains in the background.

fully saturated
The raw un-rendered painting

There are more elements to this piece but I will post them at a later time.

Thanksgiving doodle

iphone painting
Waiting for the turkey

A holiday iPhone painting I made in SketchBook while waiting for the turkey to come out of the oven. I wish I had smaller fingers. Painting on this little screen is rather difficult.

frosty the snow man

Snow Day time-lapse

Yeah! The first snow of the year.

I got up early and set up my d700 to shoot some time-lapse footage and was rewarded with some nice shots. I thought I would make a snowman film for Silas and halfway through making it the neighbors saw what I was up to and joined in on the fun. It was a very fun morning.

winter is upon us


Flyboy revisited

A maya/zbrush sculpt.

For the most part I made this in zbrush 4. I retweeked the topology to work better for me in maya. It was rendered in zbrush with an AO pass. It took about a day to model and paint. For those who are into this sort of thing, below is the wireframe.

Golden nodes

The Golden Node

I made this crayon drawing a few fews ago. There isn’t much to say about it. I just thought I would share.