Hauling in the Nets

bringing in the nets
an iPad digital oil painting made in ArtRage

This afternoons iPad doodle is of fishermen pulling in their catch. My dad was a fishing guide so I have lots of boat and fish imagery floating about my head. Everything in our house revolved around fishing.

I’ve been landlocked now for the last few months and Its getting on my nerves. I really miss being out in the water, especially on cold rainy days like today. Its pouring and the thermometer is hovering near 1°C. The only thing I can do at the moment is to imagine hotter weather.

Jolly old Saint Nicolas

Santa clause painting merry christmas postcard
My St. Nicolas Christmas Card Painting.

Late as always, I just now finished painting this years family christmas card. Peace and love to everyone out there on the internets.

Sterling Sheehy Zbrush model

The Girl in the Pink Pajamas

Earlier in the month I spent several days working on this zbrush sculpt of a young farm girl. I was using it to test-drive a lot of zbrush 42R’s new features so the work was slow and a tad frustrating as I had to make a couple of the elements twice before moving on. Now that I have a better grasp on the app I must say I love all of the new options and am really impressed with how much MORE I am able to do because of it.

By far the most difficult hurdle I had to overcome while sculpting this model was learning how to hold and feed a baby in one arm while rocking another in its cradle with my foot. I looked like one of those one man bands! It was a delicate four A.M. balancing act that if managed correctly would allow me one free hand to sculpt and an elbow to press all of my function keys! It was a rather funny setup but it worked.

Peace in the Valley

Peace in the Valley
A crisp fall day on the farm.

I painted this ArtRage painting on my iPad at B.C. Womans hospital while my wife was in labor with our twin sons Wiley and Rudie. I won’t ever forget when or where I was when I made this painting!

It was near midnight and I was in the cement bunker like basement of the hospital. My heart was racing and I was terribly exhausted and anxious. To distract myself and pass the hours more quickly I sat in the lobby of the delivery room and painted this far off peaceful place.

Stanley Park Thumbnail

in the garden
doodled this while sitting in Stanley Park

Silas fell asleep while we were at the park yesterday. I had the iPad with me and made this thumbnail painting while he slept.

Mountain Railway Painting


It was an exciting morning. I discovered that the good folks over at ArtRage added script recording to their iPad app. After the download and a quick cup of coffee I started doodling this little mountain railway scene.

I was really geeking out over this new addition because a few weeks back I had requested this very feature and now it was a reality. Major props to the ArtRage dev team on this one. I’m sure the idea was in the pipes long before I had ever thought of it. Super fantastic, I can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeves.

After exporting my thumbnail script I up-ressed the painting on the desktop app and went to town. This whole process worked exactly as I had imagined. With the newly expanded canvas on my mac I was able to really flush the painting out, smudge it up and add in a lot of detail that would have taken forever on the iPad.

I really like this new workflow. Its simple, straight forward and functional. I can see myself using this a lot in the future.

in the news aaeqmt

The secret passage

This is a rough pass on a silly sequence from my Dick and Don project. The set up is that our heros were framed for a robbery they didn’t commit and at the moment are hot on the trail of the real villains. The gangsters are followed to a newsstand which opened to reveal a secret passage.

head profile

Don, Rough Zbrush Head Sculpt

This is a very old character of mine, I created him a life-time ago. I believe I was ten.

Recently, I have resurrected old characters like Don here to see what my adult self would do with them. In this case it was a zbrush sculpt. Start to finnish this project took me one night of work. The base mesh was made in Maya and then polished up and roughly painted in zbrush.

Don, Circa 1996

I found this animated gif of him, dated 1996, and put it up here for reference. At the time of this drawing he is already a few years old. There are boxes of better Don drawings sitting up in the attic that I really should scan.

animated gif
Oh 1996, when animated gifs were all the rage and every website had to have one.
head profile
Don maya sculpt