Barber Ave Bridge

Walked downtown to paint and grab a burrito. Barber street looking west from the bridge over San Anselmo creek.

9x12in oil on board

Beach Drive

Post work painting session. Looking South on Beach Drive in San Rafael around sunset. I’m really glad I had my LED lights, the sun dropped faster than I expected.

oil painting
9x12in oil on board

Boyd Memorial Park

Standing on the corner of B street and Mission Avenue in San Rafael looking west on a Smokey afternoon.

9x12in oil on board

Another Smokey View

It’s gross outside. Smoke from the Willits fire has turned the whole neighborhood a peach hue.

Oil on canvas 16x20in

Bald Hill Ridge Trailhead

Finally got away from my desk but I only had an hour before the sun set, so I quickly drove to the other side of San Anselmo, parked near the bald hill trailhead, walked a few feet past the gate and just started painting. The temperature started to drop, it’s the first time a while I needed a jacket while painting.

Oil on panel 9x12in
My setup

Morning Smoke

Looking out the living room window the air is heavy with smoke from the Napa and Sonoma fires. It’s a weird mix of purple and yellow greens. Strongly backlit in the morning light the view from my dinning room table continues to challenge me.

Oil on panel 9x12in

Mt. Tamalpais in the smoke

Rode my bike up the ridge above San Anselmo looking for something to paint. For me, painting Mt. Tam feels a bit like a Marin artist cliche and I usually try to avoid it, but this morning it looked very impressive in its veil of smoke from the fires in Sonoma and Napa.

Oil on panel 9x12in