House Cleaning

I’m in the process of rebuilding the website to make it more flexible to use.

The old one was a bit of a beast. Split into several parts, with multiple domains and overly heavy bad code it was a nightmare to keep up. Posting media was always rather frustrating. It had to go eventually.

The goal rebuilding the site was to clean up the interface and make everything mobile friendly. Ever since I got an iphone I’ve been more aware of these things. Waiting for your own site to load in order to share something with a friend is rather frustrating. It being too small to read is maddening. So if your reading this on the go, enjoy. I spend way too much time learning, css, javascript and jquerry code so you can do that.

A good deal of the information on some of the new tabbed pages is just filler. In the coming days I’ll finish polishing them up. While in the processes of building them though I did find a bunch of old project, mainly old student films, that I’ve never put up on line. I put a few under the “wrapped” tab for you to watch. Descriptions and such will come later when I find the time. Thats it for now.

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