Lazy River Camera Mount

Ok, at first this may not seem like it has much to do with animation but here are some sketches I made for a little lazy river time-lapse camera mount. My brother and I are pretty avid tinkerers and ever since I gave him an HDhero cam for his birthday we keep playing around with different camera mount ideas. He’s made a pretty decent surfing head mount system but I can’t shake the idea of building some sort of floating stand to follow us on our inevitable drunken float down the russian river later in the summer. We usually travel with an armada of friends and I just love the idea of documenting the trip as an epic time-lapse pixilation film.

My brother, mr. obvious, was quick to point out that we could do the same thing by just strapping a tripod to an inner tube. Yes, yes these are overly complex and unstable but they kind of have a suessian vibe that I like. Anyways, thought I would share. If the trip happens I will be sure to post the film.