The Kentfield Landing Field

The boys and I were shaken to our feet this afternoon by a thunderous roar. We bolted onto the balcony just in time to see a very distinctive, white-topped Blackhawk helicopter with the words ‘United States of America’ gleaming on its hull. We dashed across the street as another Blackhawk and two Ospreys proudly floated down over the redwoods. The noise was deafening as they passed just over my favorite painting spot. Standing there with a few neighbors, we were in awe. Everything about Marine Helicopter Squadron One projected power. It was definitely impressive.

Eventually, they flew off and the excitement died down. I headed back to work, and the kids headed to the pool. After dinner, I went across the street with my paints to commemorate the moment with a quick sunset painting. It’s not every day the Marines land in your front yard. The neighbors say Biden will be in town tomorrow.

9x12in oil on canvas panel

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