Stereo jungle painting

After hitting my head against the wall with gouache I jumped back to ArtRage 4 and my trusty digital oil paints. I wanted to play around with depth this time so I painted in layers that I could later be rip apart in Maya. The hope was to build a stereoscopic painting. I’ve done this before but this time I was searching for an easier way to edit the layers after they have been assembled in Maya. Couldn’t really figure that part out. I wanted to pull everything over to Zbrush but it doesn’t do transparency. And without transparency the illusion doesn’t work. I’m still looking for a good stereoscopic painting app.

digital oil train painting

The non-stereoscopic flat version of the painting.


This is what the painting looks like in maya.

And here is one of those 3D gif things to give you an idea of the effect.

jungle 3d

I really hope nobody gets a seizure watching this.


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