Silas Has Balls

Motion tracking with Maya Live. Who needs to buy toys when you can just make virtual ones!

I took some video footage of Silas on his Jolly Jumper and added in geometry and a bunch of nparticle balls for him to play with. There are a load of tracking mistakes that I could have fixed if I had used a few more tracking points but I was lazy and wanted to explore around with other things. The hard part was keying in his feet so they could kick the balls. I had to do that part by hand. This took forever to render, which is one of the reasons I was trying to set up the PS3 maya mental ray satellite earlier in the week. That did work out so I just had to let the ‘ol mac crunch away for a day or two. I wanted my mac back for other things so I didn’t bother rendering reflections. It was a fun side project. I like it and might try to do a few more things like this. I want to do something with a matte painting next. Where should we send Silas? hmmm… the possibilities are endless.

This is the rough wireframe version.


It was fun. I would do it again. I wish I could still play in the jolly jumper. That thing was awesome. good times.. good times.

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