Room with a View Painting

room with a view

Inside wakefield’s underwater house.

I just got off a flight from Hong Kong to San Fransisco. I had the iPad, Artrage, several long hours to kill. This depiction of Wakefield’s living room was the outcome.

One problem that I’m running into while painting on the iPad is color quality. Most of the time can’t tell where I am in color space. Is it blue or is it turquoise? It’s rather impossible to tell for instance when the lamp behind you is yellow or the walls are red… that sort of thing seems to happen a lot on the iPad. When the brightness slider is adjusted making color choices really is nothing better that a wild guess. Back home I had to readjust this painting in Photoshop to more closely match what I thought I was seeing on the plane. I wonder if the ipad screen can use the camera to detect lighting conditions? That would be pretty useful when you move between different environments. These problems aside, its still pretty amazing to have a portable digital canvas.


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