The White City

Wakefield in a bathtub

Wakefield sails his bathtub to the white city

Above is an painting I have been working on for the last few days. Not Steadily but in short little busts. It is exceptionally nice to have the ability to paint anywhere I go. I think over the last few days I put in a minute or two on this work in all sorts of places; On the train, in the car, restaurants, shoe stores, shopping malls, children’s parks and of course cafés.

I must say I do like ArtRage, It’s so handy to be able to paint on a whim. The Ipad still doesn’t replace the power of a sketchbook but I think that day is steadily approaching. Pressure sensitivity and a some sort of precise pen is greatly needed but until that day comes it does the job pretty well.

The one thing I that has been puzzling me is saving files for the web. Surprisingly, I haven’t been able to find an apps that can optimize .jpgs so even though I can create art on the ipad I still have to process it all through my desktop computer. This is rather annoying to say the least. With book you just have to close it and keep it dry but all these digital mediums come with the ball and chain of file management, ugh. Its a real time waister.