Zbrush Sculpt: Return of the King – rough

This is a rough zbrush sculpt of the king I designed for Space Chimps. He was cut but I resurrected him here to appease my curiosity. Its been a long time since that project but I have been dying to know what my designs would have looked like in 3D. Now he’s still a work in progress but I wanted to share him because I’ve got a lot on my desk at the moment and it may be a while before I can finnish him.


Donovan Cook you sir have an EYE for detail… ;D I think we did like fifty versions of this guy though so there are a lot of versions. Didn't some of Deans have something like twenty eyes? For the sculpt I was working off the first draft doodles I did the day the puppets got canned. Check it out he only had one eye then. There are a bunch of other designs with two in my folder here but its these loose first ones which I always have liked the best.

If I would have been art directing, I would have chosen your awesome alien designs!

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