The Grey Sketchbook: Part 3

The final third of the book. I would have had posted it sooner had I not misplaced the sketchbook. It went missing for a few days. After a good deal of stress and several fruitless searches I found it, of all places, in my drawing bag. Boy did I feel like a fool.

socer scetch
It was pouring at Silas’ football class.
soccer studies
fielding the ball in my imagination.
peter pan sketch
i’ve been Reading Peter Pan to my boys at night.
I often get asked to draw Galaxy express stuff for my boys. Folded and drew the engineer.
sea dogs
Pirates and their treasure as well as a random fellow in a suit and ear-muffs.
david with head
Things that will kill you. violent bloody battles and toddlers.
Captain Hook sketch
The dark and sinister man. Captain James hook.
too many hats
a bucket full of fish and a few good hats to end the book.