The Girl in the Pink Pajamas

Earlier in the month I spent several days working on this zbrush sculpt of a young farm girl. I was using it to test-drive a lot of zbrush 42R’s new features so the work was slow and a tad frustrating as I had to make a couple of the elements twice before moving on. Now that I have a better grasp on the app I must say I love all of the new options and am really impressed with how much MORE I am able to do because of it.

By far the most difficult hurdle I had to overcome while sculpting this model was learning how to hold and feed a baby in one arm while rocking another in its cradle with my foot. I looked like one of those one man bands! It was a delicate four A.M. balancing act that if managed correctly would allow me one free hand to sculpt and an elbow to press all of my function keys! It was a rather funny setup but it worked.