Road Tripping

I made the long road trip from Vancouver to Northern California just before Christmas. SInce I was by myself I rigged the car with a tripod and my trusty Nikon D700 and made this time-lapse movie.

I shot the first day out the side window but the wind pushing on the lense proved to be problematic and it never stayed one hundred percent perpendicular. I had to stop a couple times to fix it. It was also freezing! Driving with the windows down in windows down is both loud and cold. I had to stop and buy gloves at one point cause my hands were freezing.

The second day it was raining and so I couldn’t leave the window open without lots of glare and raindrop blurring. Instead I did the default thing and shot out the front window. Not as interesting, if you ask me, since I’ve seen that shot a thousand times before. On winding roads with a slow frame rate it looks exceptionally bad. At night thought I tried to make the most of it by drawing with the light of my cell phone. I know texting is illegal while driving but I wonder if animation is? Maybe in the future I can expand on that idea. Till then here is the movie.