Nothing is more frustrating than following a maya tutorial and not having anything work. Instinctually I think I am too blame and out of habit start the tutorial over from the beginning whenever I get some sort of error message. Then, after failing again, and again to get some basic function to work I do the unthinkable. I break down and call someone for help.

I am humbled as they calmly stride over to the computer and kindly explain to me what is going wrong. Magically they dig through hidden pull down windows, use complex key commands and preform what can only be described as some type of digital alchemy. I am in awe hovering over their shoulder. And then it happen.

“Error”. Cooly, they try again. “Error”. and again. “Error. Error. Error. Error”. In frustration and rage my help transforms into some sort of Mr. Hyde type beast. They growl at the screen and bang at the keys. I step back and take a deep breath. its ok. It’s not me this time. Its Maya.

Maya sucks.