Digging though some old files I stumbled across a document explaining my character design ideas for the Space Chimp Aliens.

A Space Chimps Guide to alien Life

At first observation biological classification on the Planet wazoo appears chaotic, irrational and non-sequidor in nature, on closer inspection though one will find a clear distinct set of rules and laws at play. Life on the planet Wazoo can be categorized into three major kingdoms: Vegetables, Fruits, and Nuts. The macro view is that all life on the planet wazoohas evolved from plants.



The world

General overview: low on the evolutionary ladder, characters of the Vegetable kingdom tend to be background/environmental elements that generally interact out of reflex and instinct. Vegetables can be distinct individual structures but often tend to clump or organize into larger symbiotic communities. Vegetables, though possessing the capacity for mobility have not evolved any sort of conscious behavior and therefore if left to themselves will generally be content to do nothing. Instinctually lazy they will always choose the path of least resistance.

  1. Design: relatively simple and primitive, very organic, curves, branching structures, etc.
  2. Locomotion: vegetables are limited to simple, non-efficient, rudimentary form of locomonition, for example; crawling, pulling, pushing, sliding, blobbing, pooling. For survival reasons they generally tend to flock together in large migratory herds.
  3. Color: their lazy nature, lack of individual identity and conservative ideals has led the vegetables to lean towards pastels and more muted colors.
  4. Diet: The rich mineral makeup of the planet wazoo
  5. Vocalization: none
  6. Senses: mainly touch, occasionally ocular and smell. In general vegetables have only a single sensory organ.
  7. Cognitive Skills: Vegetables are only able to do simple functions. Though incapable of complex actions their symbiotic relationships with each other is often capable of achieving complex results.




The good guys

General overview: These are distinct characters with an ability to reason, the range of their mental abilities is relative to the phylum and class to which they belong. There are four main Phylum omnipedal, aerfuga(flying), quadrapedal and bipedal. Bipedal being the most intelligent and omnipedal the least. Fruits have distinct and complex communal organization traits. They tend to share strong bonds with their collective environments and tend to suppress selfish ideals. Curious and docile by nature, the fruits tend to be open, creative, sensitive and forgiving. Unfortunatly for the fruits the higher their mental skills the greater their sense of self doubt, hence the general trend of communal rather than individual identity. Fruits tend to look before the leap. Actually they are often so involved with looking and thinking about the various possibilities, variations, reasons for and against leaping that they never get around to leaping at all.

  1. Design: Fruits are made from a gelatinous clear medium and range from the simple to the almost simple, omnipedal being the simplest, followed by aerfuga , quadripedals and then bipedal. Organic smooth, rounded shapes keep the fruits relatively easy on the eye. Smooth and shiny.
  2. Locomotion: Their strong cognitive skills have allowed the fruits to evolve the ability to manipulate their gelatinous structures into many distinct forms of locomotion.
  3. Colors: happy bright colors
  4. Diet: Herbivores
  5. Vocalization: relative to mental capacities
  6. Senses: all
  7. Cognitive Skills: Generally bright, generally put others before themselves
  8. Common descriptors: elegant, bright, fragile, tidy, friendly, radiant, rhythmic




The bad aliens

The bad guys

General overview: These are distinct characters with a strong inclination towards action and impatient repetitive activity. Millions of years of thoughtless activity have led the Nuts to evolve into asymmetric, bulky, inefficient, clumsy, awkward, poorly balanced creatures who live in the now. A lack of foresight, hindsight and common sense, compounded with a generally good work ethic has led them to being the dominant species on the planet Wazoo. It is difficult to categorize the nuts into distinct Phylum for their erratic rather infunctional evolutionary track is absurd and therefore indefinable. The fate of their species is ruled by the survival of the luckiest. They tend to leap before they look. In the words of their most famous leader, we are gathered hear today…hey look a cloud!

  1. Design: The most complex on the planet but least thought out. Impractical, non-symmetric, tacky, gaudy and awkward, with a flare for flamboyant wastefulness.
  2. Locomotion: Currently the trend has been bipedal motion even though it is awkward for many who have more or less appendages.
  3. Colors: Tacky, bright, intense clashing
  4. Diet: Omnivores, know to eat rocks, sharp sticks, poisoned fruit punch and discarded gum on occasion.
  5. Vocalization: Talk a lot, very opinionated and expresses. Enjoy complimenting each other and themselves.
  6. Senses: all but common sense
  7. Cognitive Skills: Slow, forgetful attracted to shinny things. It has been theorized that they have a very strong collective subconscious
  8. Common Descriptors: Funny, Funny looking, comic, strange, odd, lost, theatric, over the top, #*%&!, awkward, off-beat