Don, Rough Zbrush Head Sculpt

This is a very old character of mine, I created him a life-time ago. I believe I was ten.

Recently, I have resurrected old characters like Don here to see what my adult self would do with them. In this case it was a zbrush sculpt. Start to finnish this project took me one night of work. The base mesh was made in Maya and then polished up and roughly painted in zbrush.

Don, Circa 1996

I found this animated gif of him, dated 1996, and put it up here for reference. At the time of this drawing he is already a few years old. There are boxes of better Don drawings sitting up in the attic that I really should scan.

animated gif

Oh 1996, when animated gifs were all the rage and every website had to have one.

head profile

Don maya sculpt