William DeSeve

the con artist

One of the many tag along characters from Wakefield.

DeSeve is a romanticized fellow. The kind of man who has everything together.

Wakefield admires his coolness and calm straight forward nature. He is a real easy going fellow. A mans man. The John Wayne type who always knows what to do. He is considered to be a man of action.

Over time we learn that he is no of these things. In trueth he is a fake. A fraud. DeSeve is nothing more than actor playing playing a role.  Under pressure he is the first to turn tail and run.

One Comment

Every de Seve I have ever known was, indeed, a superior type of person. In our clan we have artists (peter, William) police detectives (Joseph), high school teachers (Me, and a cousin, William, in Brooklyn, I think) We’re ALL fascinating, lead MAD social lives, and we can all be counted on in times of crisis. By the way, de seve, in French, means “lively!

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