Stowaways Painting

On their way to Hong Kong

Dick and Don are stowaways bound for Hong Kong

Having missed their intended destination of Hawaii Dick and Don find themselves en route to Hong Kong. Several weeks into the trip Dick is at the end of his rope while Don makes the most of the unexpected down time singing a little tune.

♪ ♫
I’m going east
way across the sea
to a distant shore
where she waits for me

In ‘ol Hong Kong
Pearl of the Sea
safe in your arms
I long to be

Now I’ve travelled far
and i’ve travelled wide
I’ve roamed the ocean
on a wayward tide

and so to Hong Kong
pearl of the sea
where love and adventure
they wait for me

good ‘ol Hong Kong
Pearl of the sea
land of adventure
and mystery
♪ ♫


Kelly Keller Oh man, Silas is the toughest kind of critic. He's brutally honest. Most of the time I ask him what he thinks and he just shakes his head in disapproval.

With a house full of boys i'm finding it impossible to get the quiet to record the song. If I ever have a window of opportunity I'll put that up as well. Its got a fun little melody so I was thinking it could be the opening tune for the movie.

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