Rough MonSTER model

I recently started to learn how to model characters in Maya. This is something I have been wanting to learn for a long time and just recently sat down and forced myself to do.

monster guy
monster guy doodle

Working with ortho drawings, rough clay sculpts and having to depend on other people to build my designs has always been frustrating and played a big roll in motivating me to learn the process. Although learning to use the tools in maya has been a bit painful now that I am beginning to make some progress those pains are fading.

Below are some rough topology renders of my first character sculp. A Silly little monster character I started last week. Learning line flow and polygon placement has been a big challenge but my biggest challenge has been having to build expressionless neutral characters. The character designer in me has been going crazy with this and I can’t wait to move on to skinning and rigging so I break up all this boring symmetry. I’m almost at a point where I can move on to skinning so we’ll see what happens. I imagine I will have a lot of deform problems where the topology is too low res. Oh well, we’ll see! Until then, enjoy.

…and as a point of reference i also included a rough doodle I did after the fact to give you an idea of what the final character might look like. As for now I am just making this up as I go along.