Hat Eater

Having been without my Wacom Cintiq for solid two months I am relieved to be reunited with it once again. After juggling the kids all day I managed to sit down for an hour or two and get some drawing done.

I downloaded the new ArtRage 4 update yesterday so I was playing around with that as well. It has some nice new features. The highlights for me are the new Wacom integration and a workbench mode which is much more elegant than the standard layout. ArtRage 4 is a welcomed update and I would certainly recommend it but on a personal note there are still some tools I would like to see added. I’ll have to head over to the forum and put in a request for a digital rag and a pallet knife that can scrape paint off, not just spread it around.

The giant caterpillar

The Brave lepidopterologists. Dick and Don on the hunt for a rather large moth.