Fly Boy

I finally broke down and bought Zbrush. All I can say is that it was SOOOoooo worth it! So far I love it.  I’ve been geeking out on it for the last two weeks. Its great!

Having spent so much of the last year clawing my through Maya, working in Zbrush is like a great big breath of fresh air. Thank you Pixologic! It took a day or two to learn the basics but by the end of the first week I was already beginning to do some interesting work. There is a bit of a learning curve but its nothing compared to Maya. Wow, Its so nice to worry about the design and not the technical aspects of the project for a change.  I’m glad I learned the tech stuff but too much of it will drive you mad.

I’ve already modeled and painted up a few things but they are for a feature and so I can’t put them on line.   So to share I roughed out this little fly character.  He’s based on a doodle I did.   Like I said, i’m still learning the ropes so the pose is all stiff and there are somerendering artifacts but hey what do you expect right out of the box.   Still he’s kind of fun so I thought I’s share.


Flyboy on a cluttered set.

To test out Zbrush’s GoZ plugin I tossed him into a rough set and did a quick render. Just one button and you can jump back and forth. Its so easy I love it. The render took longer than the whole project. Ha!