Drinking with the Ghost Crew

You know you like your job when you spend your free time making fan art about it. I was drinking and drawing the other night when I had this half baked idea about Sabine brainstorming in her sketchbook. A few hours later and it evolved into this silly painting about my friend Brad Rau having a pint with the Ghost Crew. There is no way anything like this would ever get approved at work but its fun to imagine the Rebels cutting loose at ‘ol Joes bar after a successful mission. Why Brads there, I don’t know but it cracks me up and in my book that’s reason enough. …And to clarify, for all the parents out there, lets just say Ezra is drinking “space root beer”.

Star Wars Rebels crew painting

Celebrating at ‘ol Joes after a successful mission.


Here’s a detail so you can see Sabines doodles.

Sabine Wren draws the rebel logo

Detail- The ghost crew enjoying a little R&R at old Joes.


I love this ‘silly’ painting and would BUY it from you! That’s my brother, btw. ;)

Well if you are Brads brother that changes everything. Certainly No need need to buy it off me. The easiest way to get the high res file would be to just ask your brother, as I gave him the original file a while back. I don’t have it here at home, or i’d post a link. If he’s misplaced it I will most certainly hunt it down on the servers at work for you. When you talk to Brad give him my regards and tell him we need to catch up one of these days.

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