Draw faster

We just started drawing… In the beginning I rushed in and overdrew everything. I would walk into a pitch and have ten panels of boards. The directors of the movie, Donavan Cook and Norton Virgien, showed me the ropes and tossed out everything but the key drawings. Donavan would fold over and pin so many of my boars that the panels would look white. It was trial by fire and I quickly began to get the hang of storyboarding as we raced to put up the feature. I learned more in two months than three years of grad school at USC Animation. The original story team consisted of Kirk Hanson, Mike Bell, Francis Glebas, Andrei Svislotski, Vitaly Shafirov and myself. I am indebted to them all for showing me the ropes. Here are some pix I took as we moved into a partially built Vanguard studio in Burnaby B.C.