All lost in the Supermarket

Thought I posted this one a long time ago but it seams to be missing in action. Not sure where it went. The painting itself is from my Dick and Don and the Black Lotus movie project. It depicts them chasing some thuggish art thieves through the back alley markets of Kong Kong. I’m guessing this is over near central.
It is also one of the first things I painted using ArtRage studio Pro. This was a game changer for me. Being able to paint quick and messy was a god send at the time.

I spent a few hours this the morning trying to track this painting down for a portfolio i’m currently piecing together. It is a little sad but I can’t find the original ArtRage .ptg file. My guess is that it is probably sitting on some dusty hard-drive back in Canada. I’ll just have to add it to my long “things I wish I wish I brought to Hong Kong” list.

ArtRage digital oil painting of a back alley chase in Hong Kong

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