Afterglow in the Hills

Drove over to the other side of the ranch around sunset just to mix things up and paint the Valley from a different angle. Started to unpack my paints and like clockwork, the neighbors security detail drove up to tell me I was trespassing on the Young’s Property. Part of me gets really annoyed by this but another part really likes dragging out the interrogation and then casually explaining that my family has lived on this land for six generations then introducing myself as Robert Young’s Grandson… again. Their shift in body language and expression is always interesting to watch. They are good guys, and we really appreciate their keen eyes and hard work. Its just funny how these guys never recognize me. I think this is the third time they have stopped me for painting. Seriously, How many other Plein air painters are there in these hills? 1hr

oil Painting
9x11in oil on panel
perspective view
Artist’s view