Redwood Paintings

redwood dry lake

I was on the road this last week. While waiting for delayed flights, meetings to begin, and hangovers to pass I was free to work on some new iPad paintings. They are both from my head as I couldn’t have been further from the wild.

Just being in California during in the summer was enough to have me dreaming of camping. I think my brain is permanently etched with details about pine, redwood bark and the smells of the Sierras. It’s a theme that winds its way though out my work and this point I think its is fair to say that I owe a debt to my parents for all of the vacations we spent in the mountains.

forest landscape
Overlooking an imaginary gully

The painting above is the later of the two but I think the most successful. Both were painted in ArtRage and took about two or three hours to paint.