Davey Jones Game Pitch

I had an idea for an iphone game about a free diver who has to dive down in search of pearls and other sunken treasures.

The idea was to make a really simple tilt game that you could play one handed. Tilt down to swim faster, left and right to dodge. The ticking clock was how long you could hold your breath and each time you leveled up you could go deeper and find better treasures. The catch was that you also had to have enough breath to get back to the surface so if you went too deep you might black out and not make it back. I still think this could be a great time waster.

If anyone out there knows objective-c and wants to make a game let me know cause I’d love to make it happen. I painted up a quick concept painting just to put my thoughts on paper. Scroll down to check it out.

diving for pearls