Scared Dog Pose

This is a folow up post to the previous Doggy Dog post.

I spent a bit of time working in ZBrush last week posing several old models. This dog model is one of my maya sculpts that I revisited. The work went pretty fast, I spent one night on this pose.

The dog isn’t rigged so to do the work I built a quick temporary Zsphere rig to block in the main gestures, then polished out the rest with normal matte transposing and sculpting techniques. The work was rather straight forward, the most difficult part being wrinkle management and keeping the skin from folding into itself. In this regard I wish ZBrush had a function like Mayas Ncloth which would prevent topology from passing through itself. Maybe it does and I just don’t know these things.

Rendering was done in Zbrush except for the stereoscopic “anagliphic” version below which had to be done in Maya using a stereo rig and mentalray.