Space Chimps King Design

Zbrush Sculpt: Return of the King – rough

This is a rough zbrush sculpt of the king I designed for Space Chimps. He was cut but I resurrected him here to appease my curiosity. Its been a long time since that project but I have been dying to know what my designs would have looked like in 3D. Now he’s still a work in progress but I wanted to share him because I’ve got a lot on my desk at the moment and it may be a while before I can finnish him.

Sculpting a tree the old fashioned way

A nice little tree sculpture I made for a friend.

While I am on the subject of trees… Here is a picture of a non zbrush tree sculpt. No way near as easy to sculpt, but a lot more memorable than its digital rival.

It was made by hand out of wire and super sculpey and if I recall took a few days to make as all of the leaves had to by made individually by hand. I tried using a form for the canopy but it came out rather ugly. Instead I curled and pressed each leaf onto a metal bowl and baked the small clusters in the oven. These clusters were then drilled and glued onto the armature. The armature took a bit of work as well as it needed to be both thin and strong.

fibermesh tree render

Alien Tree Zbrush Sculpt

This is from earlier in the week but I never had the time to post it. It’s a A quick tree sculpt I made in ZBrush. The base of the tree was made using zsphears and dynamesh but all the branches, leaves and grass were made with FiberMesh.


Zombie John

Apparently I forgot to post this Zbrush zombie sculpt. I made this fellow back around Halloween and has been sitting here in draft form for a few months. Its a tad out of season now but I guess late is better than never.

This was my first ZBrush 42Rb DynaMesh expirament. It was also my first use of the render filters function. Its a quick sculpt that dragged out into a few hours after I started playing around with the rendering features.

lazy bum zbrush sculp

Scruffy looking ZBrush FiberMesh Sculpt

I couldn’t sleep last night so I jumped on Zbrush and made this lazy looking bum. I’m still amazed and how quickly you can make interesting looking objects in ZBrush. Something like this would have taken me a month a few years ago and now I can make it in under three hours.

For the record: This is a quick sculpt I made in ZBrush using DynaMesh for the face and Fibermesh for all of the hair elements as well as the robe. It was made using Zbrush 4R2b.

time lapse downtown hong Kong

Hong Kong Harbor Time-lapse

You don’t really realize how busy Hong Kong Harbor is until you make a time-lapse film of all the traffic. Wow there are a lot of boats moving through there.  It’s almost hypnotic.  I particularly like watching the ferry’s rip in and out of the terminal building.

I managed to shoot this fun time-lapse film on New Years Eve with my iPhone and the iMotion HD App.

The Mountain Bandit and Messy Hair with ZBrush

Messy Hair with ZBrush FiberMesh

This is my second hair sculpting attempt using ZBrush 42Rb and the new FirberMesh feature. I’m struggling a little to find a setting that will work well for my characters. Most of the hair ends up looking too realistic or too much like straw. I believe painting will be the solution but for now I think this is an OK start.

The subject here is “The Mountain Bandit”, the main villain from my forever shelved Dragon project. I have made several attempts in the past to sculpt him but his scraggly hair was beyond my skill level. It’s nice to be able to see him finally come together.

This is by no means final, I still have a bit of work to do. Tonight I will try to make a second pass. He has a great head-dress that I want to add as well as some other costume dressings. I also need to get him out of that dead looking neutral pose. Still its a decent start and I thought merited sharing.

Irish man ZBrush hair test

Red Headed Bloke Hair Test

Last night I stayed up late to test out Zbrush 4R2b’s new FiberMesh additions. For testing purposes I made this quick DynaMesh sculpt and threw some hair on him. What you see here is my third grooming attempt. The first two hair passes were tragic failures that more or less resembled the bastard child of an ugly carpet and a putting green.

Creating the hair is effortless but controlling its flow is a bit tricky. There are a dozen grooming brushes and I have yet to master any of them. The workflow is very clear though so I don’t think it will take long to get up to speed. I don’t have experience in any other hair systems, so I am by no means an expert, but was generally very impressed with FiberMesh. It is a welcomed addition to my quiver of design tools.

Painting by the Waters Edge

oils by the waters edge
Another hard day at the office

I’v started a new oil painting and have been working down on the beach near our apartment in Hong Kong. I’m trying water based oils for the first time and so far I am impressed, all though I do miss the alchemy of mixing various oil concoctions. It’s refreshing to paint under the sun again.

Preschool chalkboard doodles

preschool drawing
Chalkboard doodles I made at Silas’s first day of preschool here in Hong Kong.

It was Silas’ first day of preschool today. It was a nightmare getting him out the door in the morning (classic) but once there he had a great time. The school has a large outdoor chalkboard so I spent some time drawing with the kids, taking animal requests.