Video Library

Ambient abstract animation. Was created for an art gallery instalation....
An animated motion dance inspired my some of Oskar Fischinger's...
Water Hop Pencil Test
Animation pencil test made with TVPaint Animation. By Sterling Sheehy.
Maya 3d stereoscopic painting setup
A quick overview of a stereoscopic painting setup in Maya.
ArtRage Painting Timelapse
This is a screen recording that has be speed up...
The Girl in the Pink Pajamas -posed
A Zbrush model I have been working on for the...
Dairy Cow
a rough zbrush/maya cow model.
Zombie growl
a posed version of my farmer john sculpt.
The Girl in the Pink Pajamas
First pass sculpt of a girl character I have been...
Doggy Dog "scared" stereoscopic
A transpose pose of my dog model. It was originally...
Herman the hermit crab
A hermit crab character I modeled in Maya and zbrush....
Doggy Dog "scared"
A transpose pose of my dog model. It was originally...
Sterling Sheehy Storyboard reel
my storyboard reel circa 2010.
A very quick zbrush sculpt of a young man. It...
maya test simulation of a droplet on simulated cloth.
Jello cubes
a caustics and ncloth simulation i made a while back...