New iPad

From now on It’s going to be a lot easier to paint my iPad painting commissions. My amazing wife just surprised me with a brand new iPad. It still has that fresh out of the box smell. :) Now all I have to do is figure out what to do with those white apple stickers.

The James Brothers

Wet Ink

More Train Drawings. In this little series Jesse James and his brother do their thing as they rob the Glendale Train. The little fellow in the upper left corner is my eldest son Silas.

The scan’s a little hard to read. The Engineer gasps, The James Borhters!! Hot Dog!! Why, You boys are famous! Can I get an autograph?!!

The Little Red Caboose

Wet Ink

I’ve been listening to Henry Thomas’ Little Red Caboose song a lot lately. I keep thinking it would make for a really cute short film. I love trains and think it would just be a ton of fun to work on a project revolving around them in some way.

Here are a few pages pulled from my sketchbook.

Dick and Don: The secret passage: Update


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This is an updated pass of a previously posted story sequence. I expanded the scene to include an underground lake and a mysterious cult, oh my.