Programable Paintings

reprogramming the painting

The next logical thing to do after this first scale test was to bust open the code and do some basic ArtRage script manipulation. My first order of business was to try and change the painting medium. I was expecting some difficulty in this task but it proved surprisingly easy . Digging through the script in textedit I was able to identify different brush types by their “toolID”.  That done all I had to do was change them to what ever medium I wished and hit render.

So to re-render a the painting in watercolour all i had to do was change “Value: { 4900 (Oil Paint) }” in the code to “Value: { 4916 (Watercolor) }”. As proof here are a few of the resulting images.

A watercolour render

A pencil render

re-rendered in chalk

I am in love with the idea of painting in code and these initial findings are very promising.  Future exploration into the code and scripting language used to generate these paintings is a must! At the top of my list I would really like to learn how to manipulate and change textural elements to better match the enlarged images but I can’t help but think that there are far greater possibilities than this.

There is room here for some really interesting studies and experiments. In the study of visual literacy and cognitive sciences maybe this can be used as a tool to learn how people draw and translate thoughts into images. This code is a window into the mind of an artist and since every command is time stamped it can be used as a very accurate record of the creative process.

Can we define a masters style? Is there a code for abstract, impressionist or romantic? For instance can you deconstruct one persons drawing style or technique and mash it up with another? Can we take the speed, angle and pressure information of the brush and store it as some sort of filter that can be plugged into another script? Can line quality be tightened or loosened after the fact? Can I change the colour pallet to match another painting?

Could you program a robot to repaint the same image in real life?  
Can a digital painting be accurately recreated on canvas?  I mean seriously, could you actually print this out as an oil painting and hang it on a wall?  I say yes.  I don’t see why not.

The possibilities are endless and the future is bright.

If anyone else is interested in playing with ArtRage’s scripting code. I found this helpful guide online to get you started.